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Digital Marketing  Design Execution

Why Trust US With growing Your Business?

Apart from being outstanding strategists and marketers, we are entrepreneurs too!

​Like you, we have started our own companies. Along the way we have earned a distinguished reputation as highly innovative thinkers who can be counted on to generate original ideas.

As a boutique communications firm we are fortunate to work for some extraordinary clients. They have come to rely on us for the right solutions, strong work ethic, and to carry out that work exceptionally well.

We earn the trust and respect of our clients each and every day! We'll work hard to earn yours. 

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Randy Marks

Founder & CEO

Leading Creative Services is excited to announce our

  Video On Demand 

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Go From A Picture...

To a Video!

Watch how we made our promo reel with the help of a remarkable new AI technology, that started from a picture. Now all of our clients have access to video which gets more views than text & images combined. All without the expense and disruption of having to hire a video crew.

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Dr. Raymond Stein 
Medical Director, Bochner Eye Institute


As one of North America’s leading healthcare providers, I’ve had the pleasure to work with Randy and have benefited from his advice and guidance. I highly recommend Randy to owners/entrepreneurs looking to grow their online awareness.

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Steve Fogel
CEO/Founder & President. Music Zeppelin

Randy, you have to be one of the hardest working people I know. You say what you will do and do what you say. You have more patience than most. Clearly you are a business person that others can look to for trusted advice and dedicated service.


David Hull
President & CEO, Hull Life Insurance Corporation

As a family owned & run business we had a lot of questions and opinions when it came to a new website. Randy met all of our concerns with empathy and great leadership. I would recommend Randy and Leading Creative Services to any business owner who is looking to grow their online awareness with someone they can depend on.

What Our Clients Are Saying

 Each client has a unique DNA that requires a tailored solution to grow their business and brand.

Simply having the resources is just the first step. It takes experience to know what works.

And the confidence to embrace innovative thinking.

We'll use the right mix of services and know-how to grow your marketing investment.

Build your visibility.

Grow your audience.

Raise the engagement.

Grow your positive reviews.

Increase your referrals.

Protect your reputation.

Improve your search engine ranking and help clients find you.

Show visitors what you offer and convert them from shoppers into buyers.

Track the activity.

Analyze the results.

Refine your messaging.

Target your audience.

Present engaging content.

Convert new opportunities.

We are a full service agency. We handle all aspects of a project from start to finish.

Pinpoint growth barriers.

Develop a strategy.

Facilitate the plan.

Learn how LCS can create AI generated Videos from still images

for all of your digital marketing channels.

Schedule a meeting today to learn more.

Get Found. Engage Your Audience. Grow. 

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It All Starts With A Conversation!

Want to learn more about how LCS can help grow your business? All it takes is a quick15-minute call. Let's get acquainted!

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