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LCS is a dedicated group of talented creative & business professionals who come from many different walks of life. Several of us are entrepreneurs and have a deep understanding of the risk and work ethic required to realize those dreams. We are more than just pretty pictures and great ideas...we have the experience to understand that the investment our clients are making in us needs to pay off.


Plus we're great to work with - just ask around!


A serial entrepreneur having launched 5 successful businesses.  After a distinguished career, Randy's has returned to his roots to lead Leading Creative Services, his Marketing & Communications Firm. 

Randy is highly skilled at pinpointing business development hurdles and evolving contemporary solutions. His love of solving problems is only exceeded by his passion for client service which began early in his career selling printing by day and running the presses at night. This roll up your sleeves mentality ensured he trumped his competitors by exceeding his clients expectations and set the bar for every business relationship he went on to foster.

A natural born story teller, Randy is drawn to engaging people. He has spoken at various marketing conferences, is a published author of continuing education courses, and has been featured on business podcasts. 


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